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  • The itch to break away from the normal path and do something radical may have to be resisted but it shouldn't be ignored. Perhaps it's just what's needed, but only if you do it with decisiveness and clarity, as you probably won't be able to take it back. A peek into the unusual can be both entertaining and edifying. It's a good day for agreements and generally patting each other on the back -- or, maybe, for scratching each other's backs.


  • You are mentally alert, sharp, and on your toes during this time period. You will perform superbly in a debate or other mental task that requires quick thinking, fast response, and fluent expression of ideas. Writing comes easily now, so if you have some writing you need to do, now is a good time to do it.


  • It may be difficult to maintain your perfect image when other distractions draw your attention elsewhere. Save your stage appearances for later and check the mirror only after you've finished with necessary business. Work clothes are the order of the day -- there will be time for dress up when the evening rolls around.


  • Your imagination is invigorated, and you need activities and entertainments that are colorful, out the ordinary, and definitely not routine. Being more eclectic and outspoken on all issues is likely.


  • Support from close friends, family in your life gives you confidence now. This is a good time to mend fences and ameliorate problems in your home life. At this time it easy for you to express yourself boldly and confidently. You seem to care less about outside approval and this frees you to act on your own behalf or to do something you have not had the courage to attempt before.


  • You don't want to follow anybody else's lead at this time, but fortunately you are able find ways to be yourself and even be a little "crazy" without offending or upsetting others. This is a dynamic and exciting period. Take advantage of any unusual offers or opportunities.


  • Make sure you plan everything completely before venturing forward. Some unexpected problems will disturb you and you'll later realize that these could have been avoided with a little more forethought on your part. Someone you thought was going to be reliable will be a thorn in your side.


  • Promotional and advertising material must be considered to push your cause just now. Even if the most pressing issue is a practical one, such as real estate or property, the secret of success today will have to do with how you promote yourself.


  • During this interlude, deeply rooted and veiled energies are activated and have an effect on you more powerfully. You bear in mind incidents and events that you have not recalled in a long time. You are driven on impulse to do certain things, even though you may not intentionally appreciate why you are driven to do them.


  • This is a good time to establish your physical stride at its best, a broad, loping run that eats up the miles of life. Pick a preferred pace that you can live up to, and your energy level will actually rise and your accomplishments blossom. Wise, intuitive decisions make you fuel efficient with energy to burn.


  • Irritability may be present in your make-up. During this trend it may be best to avoid too much contact with close associations and family ties. Watch your health, and don't overindulge or over exercise. Oh, that goes for over-eating too!!


  • Finance peak brings a flurry of monetary activity, perhaps a quick find or mini-crisis, but it passes quickly. Keep its brevity in mind so you don't lay heavy bets on a passing fancy, unless other longer-range cycles are in focus. Creativity and a talent for new ways of attack are the goals to your success, so don't hold back, let the energy flow.

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