Purple Ocean Review - April 2024

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What is Purple Ocean?

Purple Ocean in an innovative mobile psychic advice platform that brings personalized video readings right to your smartphone, tailored just for you. You can find over 2000 advisors ready to help you with what you need. At Purple Ocean you’ll find live readings via video, voice, or chat.  Prices can fit any budget, plus monthly 50% discounts and 4% back on purchases. Sign up now and they’ll match the first $10 you spend. 

Hundreds of psychic readers have 500+ reviews and you can rest assured that you will find someone who is trustworthy.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Purple Ocean is a mobile app  with thousands of psychic readers.

Yes, Psychic Ocean is for mobile. If you are looking for an online (web) version you can have a look at Purple Garden

We always recommend that you make your research based on the specific area that you need help with. A large number of the advisors on Psychic Ocean have hundreds of reviews. We recommend that you read through other people’s comments about their experiences.


Ready to unlock the doors to a more fulfilling life? Explore the world of Purple Ocean and connect with an expert psychic today.

Your destiny awaits – seize the opportunity for clarity and empowerment

Purple Ocean is your gateway to unlocking the mysteries of life through personalised psychic video readings! Their esteemed advisors, renowned for their expertise, are ready to guide you on matters of love, romance, money, and beyond.


Discover Life’s Secrets: Delve into the realms of the unknown and unravel the secrets that shape your destiny. Their closely-vetted team of gifted psychics are there to provide profound insights and illuminate the path ahead.

Love and Romance: Navigate the complexities of your love life with clarity and confidence. Top-rated advisors specialise in matters of the heart, offering guidance that empowers you to make informed decisions in matters of love.

Wealth and Prosperity: Unlock the doors to financial success and prosperity with insights from Purple Ocean’s expert advisors. Whether you’re seeking career advice, financial planning, or investment guidance, their psychics are there to help you achieve abundance.

Highest Rated Advisors: Connect with some of the most highly acclaimed psychic advisors in the industry. Purple Ocean’s carefully curated team brings diverse skills and specialties, ensuring you receive accurate and personalised readings tailored to your unique situation.

Personalized Video Readings: Experience the power of face-to-face guidance through personalised video readings. All advisors use their unique abilities to connect with you on a deeper level, providing a personalised and authentic experience.

Transformation Awaits: Embrace positive change and personal transformation with the guidance of Purple Ocean’s psychic advisors. Your journey to self-discovery and enlightenment begins here

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